Kittens are ready for their new homes at 12 weeks. 
While we don't keep a waiting list, we do take reservations with a $200 deposit.
 Most often kittens are all reserved within days of being born.
Kittens cost $1000 for family pets, without breeding rights. 


NOTE: We have the option to keep a kitten who already has a deposit on it if we feel the kitten is needed in a show/breeding program.
 While this doesn't happen often sometimes we have to do this to keep a certain pedigree or top show cat. 
Your deposit will either be refunded or put towards the next available kitten of your choice.

Other helpful information can be found on our Introduction and Contract and Health Warranty pages.
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This available kitten is a brown classic and white female - Parents are
Champion Tropikoons Key Largo of Rumford and Grand Champion Woodpile Billie Burke - Born July 7, 2015
Picture taken 8/27/15. She will be ready for her new home around Sept 26, 2015.

If you are interested in reserving her please email or call me at 262-782-1110 or 262-894-2928.


Champion Tropikoons Key Largo of Rumford and Mainelyclassic Norma Jean of Rumford
Champion Tropikoons Key Largo of Rumford and Rumford Minnie Me


Rumford Maine Coons had a lovely colorful 2014 Christmas Eve litter. 
The parents are DGC Tropikoons Barracuda of Cronus and Mainelyclassic Norma Jean of Rumford.
These kittens are reserved.

    Taken at 12 weeks old, oh my!

Taken at 10 weeks old, little charmers!

Taken at one week, such little angels.

These colorful kittens have all been placed.
Kittens shown at 7 weeks 3 days:

A V A I L A B L E    A D U L T S

We have no Maine Coon adults available. 

Placing retired adults is much harder than placing kittens.  We become very attached to our cats over the course of their breeding or showing careers. People ask how we can bear to part with them. The answer is that we love them so much that we want them to go to a loving home where they will be the center of attention, the “star” of the show.  

We know our cats’ personalities, needs, and quirks so it becomes crucial that we find the perfect home so it will be forever.  We’ll ask a lot of questions and take our time in deciding if we’ve found the right match.  We do this to ensure that our cats do not have to go through the confusion of being re-homed more than once.  If you feel that your lifestyle and home would be more suited to an adult than a young kitten, I would be happy to discuss with you the placement of one of our available retirees.