Breed: Maine Coon
Color:  Brown Mackerel Tabby and White
Sex: Female
Born: January 6, 2017
TICA#: SBT 010617 044
Bred by: Debra Zeller
Owner:  Caron Gray



3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Tufts'n Ruff Galaxy-of-the-Stars

My Murphy Maxwell of Tufts'n Ruff


Thornplum Apollo Taav

Copper Ridge Spunky of Thornplum

Maine-Made Suabi of Thornplum

Thornplum Taav's Angel

Oak Bluff Shiloh of Thornplum

Thornplum Ping of Taav

My Callie

Hiddenspring's Barbaro V Design

Hiddenspring's Ted-E-Bear

Hiddenspring's Little Bandit

Designs Sassy

Hiddenspring's Tazz Man of Design

Designs June

Tuft'n Ruff Yahoo

CDreams Wolfmaine

CDreams Frankcoonstein

Cree's Moose Cat II of CDreams

Cdreams Coonzilla

Theatricats Mae Pest of Cdreams

Angelsongz Baily Diament of Cdreams

Theatricats Isabella of Rosafleany

Tufts'n Ruff Felicity

Koontosh Charlemaine

Amerrykoon Sir Kamalot

Kattarose Kandleinthewind

Psycatics Dreams'kl of Tufts'N Ruff

Taiji Hu of Psycatics

Wildpride Shenandoah of Psycatics

Dzcoonz Cleo

Dzcoonz Bear

Tufts'N Ruff Tyler of Dzcoonz

Tufts'N Ruff Xander of Mainevalley

GC,RW Rangerwoods Bristlecoon Pine

Celeste of Tuffs'N Ruff

Karmah of Tufts'N Ruff

Pawstuctaway Rudy

Quiltsnqueen Lizzy of Pawstuctaway

Prairiebaby Heavensent of Dzcoonz

Prairiebaby Life's All About Jesus

Navkatz Mr Bluegenes

Prairiebaby Praise to the Maker!

Prairiebaby Heading for Eternity

Coonopry's Fleetwood

Prairiebaby Grateful for Eternity

Wild Pride Ava of Dzcoonz

Tufts'N Ruff Johnnie Walker

My Murphy Maxwell of Tufts'n Ruff


My Callie

Tufts'N Ruff Marlin

Tufts'N Ruff Xander of Mainevalley

Kats Kits Bukshtamy of Tufts'N Ruff

Wildpride Charlotte

Psycatics Philip Ferrand

Koontosh Charlemaine

Psycatics Moani

Theatricats Kahlua of Wild Pride

Catavante's Buckwheat of Theatricats

Theatricats Demi Mewer